Brief Description
Very Agile with a Very good turn radius, fast, high damage output, heal rate and stamina /regen. Low Bleed resistance/bleed damage with the worst ambush speed multiplier (speed increase)

IsleNation Category's:
Survival Dinosaur
Dino type: Carnivore Land Dweller
Pack Limit: 8

IsleNation Gem Economy:
Dino Class: 3

Purchase Price: 40,000
Selling Price: 6,000

Health/Mass: 2250
Speed/Ambush: 36.6 km/h - 40.3 km/h
Total Sprint Duration: 2 mins 30secs
Bite Force: 350n
Base Bleed: 8
Smell Capable: ☑️

Nest Capable: ☑️
Total Grow Time:
2 hours 30 mins
Time Per Stage:
30 mins
Juvi: 50 mins
Adult: 90 mins


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