Evrima Rules


Temporary Rules

Rule 1: No Hacking/Exploiting Bugs

Rule 2: No Spawn-Killing Killing Juvis on the beach/Attacking spawning in Dinosaurs. 

Rule 3: No Mix-Packing / Care-Bearing

Rule 4: Keep Global Chat PG, No Swearing/vulgar or Racist/Bias Comments.

General Game Rules
Rule 1: 
Don't Body Guard
Herbivores cannot guard bodies. If a body drops they must allow the carnivore to eat, and may not be aggressive.
Once the body is gone you can become aggressive.

Rule 2:
Body Down Means !! STOP !!
Carnivores must cease combat if they drop a dinosaur or if their own pack member drops, and claim the body, they cannot hunt another creature or disregard their body until it despawns or is finished.
(herbivores must allow the carnivores to claim the body).

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