Brief Description
Galli can run for a very long time it is the 2nd fastest (survival) Dinosaur with a excellent turning radius. It is extremely weak, doesn't do much damage and has a terrible bleed heal/health regen.

IsleNation Category's:
Survival Dinosaur
Dino type: Herbivore, Land Dweller
Pack Limit: 15

IsleNation Gem Economy:
Dino Class: 3

Purchase Price: 40,000
Selling Price: 6,000

Health/Mass: 800
Speed/Ambush: 48.6 km/h
Total Sprint Duration: 6mins 40secs
Bite Force: 150n
Base Bleed: none
Smell Capable: ☑️

Nest Capable: ☑️
Total Grow Time:
1 hour 45 mins
Time Per Stage:
15 mins
Juvi: 40 mins
Adult: 50 mins


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