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Keep Global Chat PG / Don’t Give Out Locations In Global / Don't Stream Snipe / English in Global Chat

Keep global chat PG-13.
No swearing or vulgar / inappropriate language or topics in global.
Do not give out locations of other players ( includes group members and yourself). No stream sniping.

No Griefing / KOSing / Player Targeting / Hacking No killing for sport.
Killing for sport is considered:

● Killing a player with no intention of eating the body.
● Eating Bodies (Including Ai bodies) During a Hunt.
● Nest Dumping and destroying it in order to despawn or eat the body faster.
● Starting a Hunt after a 3min Announcement for a Server restart.
● No Hacking or exploiting (using a bug or a glitch to your advantage)

No Spawn Killing / Do Not Kill Juvis On All Spawn Beaches.
 No spawn killing.

● Players cannot hunt / track or be hunted / tracked a player within 30 seconds of spawning.
Juvenile dinosaurs are protected on all spawn beaches.

Respect Pack Limits / Do Not Attack or Kill Pack Mates
Carnivores and Herbivores are not permitted to mix pack with one another.
Carnivores can not mix pack with each other period while Herbivores can pack together to form a herd with no limit EXPECT regular individual Herbi pack limits still apply in herds.
Cannot attack pack-mates or invite someone into a pack to find their location to hunt them.
You cannot track / hunt / kill a former pack-mate within 20 minutes of them leaving or being kicked.
When kicking players from your group you must,

● Make it known via group chat your intentions to kick that person out.
● If they refuse to leave after being given a minimum of 2 minutes to split from the group, or continue to follow the group, they can be 3 called and then, after 15 seconds, attacked.
● If they start to retreat once attacked you cannot pursue them and cannot track / hunt them for 5 minutes

No Interfering in Ongoing Hunts / No Combat Logging

No interfering in an active hunt ( includes Herbivores and Apexs ).

● No combat logging while hunting or being hunted.
● Cannot log and then return to continue the fight.
● If you just spawned or received a Tp you cannot join the fight if it was started within your 30 second spawn in protection timer.



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Initiating a Hunt
A dinosaur can start a hunt by 3 calling, Attacking or ambushing (Just crouching is not ambushing).
4 calling during a hunt does not mean the other party has to stop attacking you, regardless of who initiated.

● Rule 1 of general combat/body rules No combat logging.
● You may not log out mid hunt, or log out and then back in to re-join / continue the fight.
● You can't switch targets mid hunt, you must 4 call off the hunt first.

Body Down Means !! STOP !! All fighting must cease immediately when a body falls.
The body belongs to the party that won/killed

● AI & Gore / Ribs are not a body
● Hatchlings not counting as bodies
● If there is an un-claimed body in the area you must either claim the body or leave the area completely to go hunt

No Camping
Camping Is Considered

● Starving players out of a safe area or an area where you will be unable to eat the body.
(beaches, port nursery, port crates and Dryo Burrows, ect.)
● Semi aquatics sitting in a water source directly in front of a herd.
● No Camping out hunt timers and bodies,
● You must leave the area completely before hunting the same pack again
● Returning to your nest does not exclude you from leaving the area, in order to hunt the same pack again in the area you must leave first.

Do Not Body Denial
Body Denial is classed as intentionally denying another player food

● Eg: Running into water while bleeding and dying, Jumping off a cliff and Dying in in-Accessible areas

Do not flee to in-accessible area's while in a hunt
 Any area that the dino you are hunting or being hunted can't reach

● Crates at Port or cargo
● Inside of nursery
● Rock Structures
● Any area that the dino you are hunting or being hunted can't reach

No Baiting Other Players into Other Groups
Baiting people includes the following,

● Do Not lead a attacking dinosaur into other group/herd/nest(s).
● People that are around the fight must stay clear of the fight

Challenging for Body Ownership
Players can challenge for a body by 3 calling.

They must allow 10 seconds for the other player to respond with either a 3 or 4 call (4 call only works at the start of the contest).
Once a party 4 calls they are giving up the body at the start of the contest.
● You only have body protection when you are within Standard NV range of your body

You cannot re-challenge for a body you have given up.
You may claim only one body per pack.
If two bodies drop on top of one another ( not next to each other ) you may either claim both or share with the losing party.

● You may only challenge once.
● If a 4 calling dinosaur is healing from bleed, They do NOT have protection anymore.
● If you wish to leave your body or give it away, you must be 3 called off it first, You cannot ask someone to take a body from you.
● You may only challenge once. Once a body falls during challenge combat must stop.
● If a body Despawns during a contest general hunting rules apply.

Finishing / Failing a Hunt
After a successful or failed hunt or body challenge resulting in a body drop or 4 call, neither party may hunt / track the other party for 5 minutes after the body as turned to gore/despawned or been contested for.

● (Only applies to carnivores not herbivores) Both parties and all members sitting down to heal counts as a failed hunt.
● Just because you have lost visual sight of the other dinosaur when fleeing, it does not mean the hunt is over.
Assume you are still being tracked unless a significant amount of time (5minutes) has passed since you were chased / attacked.


Rule 15

Rule 16

Rule 17

Rule 18

Don't Body Guard
If a body drops they must allow the carnivore to eat, and may not be aggressive ( even if the body is near their nest ), as long as the carnivore moves on after eating.
 Herbivores cannot guard bodies ●

Don't Be Unnecessarily Aggressive
Herbivores cannot attack unless provoked. Herbivores are allowed to defend their area and when migrating with the herd all together within 5 Second Running Distance.
They must 3 call and mock attack first, and if the threat does not leave after 10 seconds they may be become aggressive and attack.

● Herbivores can not pursue carnivores unless repeatedly provoked.
● Carnivores crouching within a 5 second running distance is considered provoking
● If a threat begins to leave the area within reasonable distance / time period, herbivores are to cease combat and a 5 minute Timer now applies.
Herbivores no longer have to listen to the 4 call

Let the Hunter Leave
If a threat begins to leave the area within reasonable distance / time period, herbivores are to cease combat.
The hunter must completely leave the area and can't come back until the 5 minute timer is up.

● Eg, if the hunter is at hidden then they must leave the area as far as murky

Returning Hunters
If the same pack of carnivores hunts the same herd multiple times, herbivores may become more aggressive.

● 1st hunt are as normal, herbivores can ignore 4calls.
● 2nd hunt on a herd, herbivores continue attacking until the threat flees the area / failed hunt all carnivores sitting then combat must cease.
● 3rd hunt on a herd, the herbivores may chase down the threat until killed (includes ignoring the failed hunt rule all carnivores sitting).
Body down still applies.



● Spinosaurus, Baryonyx, Austroraptor and Suchomimus are classified as semi-aquatic.
● Non-Semi Aquatics Cant sit in water at all for any reason.

Rule 19

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Rule 23

Semi Aquatics Have Water and Island Protection
Semi-aquatics have complete protection and cannot be hunted while their belly touches water or while on an island.

● Islands Include - Twins and Titan lake islands only
● Semi Aquatics May hunt non semi-aquatics that are on an island.
● They however can not hunt or kill semi aquatics that are in water or on a island.

You Can't Return to Protection After Being 3 Called

Semi-aquatics cannot retreat to water after being 3 called, or when being chased / attacked in an active hunt.
10 second running distance for 3 calling distance (different for each dino that initiate the hunt).

Stay Out of the Water
If you are in a active hunt you can NOT go into water (Swim animation)
You can NOT sit in water to attempt to heal during a hunt.

● Entering Swimming animation as your current dino is classed as going into water.
● Knee Deep and Shallow water does not count.

Do Not Guard Water Sources/ Water Rules

Carnivores may hunt / kill near water but cannot stop other dinosaurs from accessing the water
Non Semi Aquatic dinosaurs CANNOT sit/nest/stay on Titan and North Twin Islands.
(Swamp, Cargo pond and others do not apply this rule)

Be Mindful of the Number of Active Spino Players
Only 2 spinos may occupy / sit in the same lake at any time.
If a spino logs in to a lake and it's already full, they must either leave or fight for their position.

● In regards to Twins there may be 2 groups per lake ( no more than 4 spinos adults and 4 juvi spinos total per lake, juvi spinos not packed with adults will have to move if the juvi limit is reached).
● Spinos may not switch out group members whenever they like and must stay with their duo partners.
● Spinos found to be doing this or over packing will be forcibly moved by admins.
● No group limit for Titan Lake. Pack limits still apply.



● ● Austroraptors and Herrerasaurus' are classified as scavengers. No longer require nest request.

Rule 24

Rule 25

Rule 26

Eating From Claimed Bodies / Losing Body Protection
Scavengers may eat from the bodies of other dinosaurs without being classified as mix packing.
Scavengers do not get body protection.

● Scavengers can still gain body protection if they manage to hunt and kill their own prey

Other Players Have the Choice to Allow / Deny Scavengers to Eat From Their Body
Scavengers can be 3 called away if the owners of the body don't wish to share.

● Scavengers cannot return to the body once 3 called.
● If they do return to the body once 3 called they can be killed.

Scavengers Can Mix Pack with other carnivores
Austro's and Herrera's can hang around and follow other carnivores around to get food.

● They however can not scout for the other carnivores or help them fight
● Only one species of scavenger can mix pack with another carnivore at one time. 



Rule 27

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Rule 29

Rule 30

Rule 31

Rule 32

Defending Your Nest

If a player is in the area and moving towards your nest, you may 3 call to warn them of their presence.
If they refuse to leave after 10 seconds of 3 calling, the nest defender may become aggressive.
If the other dinosaur still does not leave, they may attempt to kill it.

Matriarchs Have Semi Nest Protection
Matriarchs may not be attacked on the nest but can be 3 called off it. The matriarch must choose to flee or accept the fight, and must be given 10secs to get off the nest before being attacked.

● If the Matriarch does not respond within the 10secs, they may be attacked on the nest
● Juvies do not have nest protection, they have to get off the nest when 3 called

You Cannot Destroy a Nest That is Not Your Own / Don't Nest Near Water
You cannot nest within standard night vision range of water.

● The small islands in streams and rivers are an exception.
● In Addition You cannot nest / rest within a 10 second run distance of another carni/herbi group(s) nesting / resting.
● You can only destroy nests that are inactive/unknown (the person as logged off) if they have not returned within 10 minutes.

Non Survival Nesting
Non Survivals can nest like a normal Survival dinosaurs if meeting the pack-limits.

● Shants and spinos have a 2 juvi limit per pack, and cannot care bear for juvis outside of their packs.
● If a juvi logs they can nest another but cannot be invited back if the pack-limit is reached.
● Check Rule 23 for spino nesting at twins.

● Non-Survival Dino's when nested in are classed as juvies, Not Hatchlings

No 'Egg Hopping' / Random Nest Invites
Egg hopping is considered accepting multiple (more than 2) eggs in a row.

● This is rude and frustrating to other players as eggs take time to incubate and there are other people who may actually want them.
Someone found to be nest hopping will receive a firm warning from admins.
● Don't send out unsolicited nest invites.

Special Ai Rules
Velociraptor's Cannot Initiate a hunt on anything excluding the following 
● All Hatchlings
● Juvi Utah 
● Juvi Dryo


Pack limits include Sub-adult and adult
Juvies for all classes do NOT count towards the pack limit
No Limit for a Herd population, only the individual dino pack-limits per herd

🥩 🍖 𝘼𝙡𝙡 𝘾𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙫𝙤𝙧𝙚 🍖 🥩

Class 2

-Herrerasaurus No Limit
-Austroraptor No Limit

Class 3

-Utahraptor 15
-Dilophosaurus 15
-Ceratosaurus 10
-Baryonyx 10

Class 4

-Suchomimus 10
-Allosaurus 10
-Carnotaurus 10
-Albertosaurus 8
-Acrocanthosaurus 6​

Class 5

-Tyrannosaurus 2 + 1 Sub
-Giganotosaurus 2 + 1 Sub

Class 6

​- Spinosaurus 2 adults and 2 juvis.
- Juvi Spinosaurus 4 without adults

🥬 🌲 𝘼𝙡𝙡 𝙃𝙚𝙧𝙗𝙞𝙫𝙤𝙧𝙚s 🌲 🥬

Class 2

-Dryosaurus No limit

Class 3

-Gallimimus No Limit
-Pachycephalosaurus 15
-Maiasaura 15

Class 4

-Parasaurolophus 15
-Diabloceratops 10
-Ankylosaurus 10
-Stegosaurus 8
-Therizinosaurus 6

Class 5

-Triceratops 2 + 1 Sub
-Shantungosaurus adults 2 and 2 juvis.
- Juvi Shantungosaurus 4 without adults

Class 6

-Camarasaurus 2


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