Proposed Evrima Update Rules 

These are the proposed rules for the Isle Evrima Update
These are set to change as more information is released and once the update is out.


Message From Our Team
As we move into Evrima and beyond we will be leaning more towards less rules and more survival based game play to bring back that heart pounding Adrenalin fueled, head on a swivel style game play.
Survival is a big part of where this game is going and we hope you all understand that with new game mechanics a lot of rules will be no longer needed or adjusted to suit mechanics or refined to help streamline game-play (less reporting more thinking like a survivalist). 

We really appreciate any feedback/suggestions and will be hoping you all make your voices heard in suggestions so we may review them when we review server rules and continue to move forward into the new and out of the old.

That being said we will be learning the new game and implementing rules/game-play features as we find out more and appreciate your patience and help.

You the community (Isle Nation) is an awesome community of friendly, fun loving gamers and dino enthusiasts and we could not be more proud of how it has grown and continues to become one of the friendliest and welcoming places to play the isle.

So on behalf of all Isle Nation Staff (past and present) we thank you the community for making this server great and fun.
We look forward to all the funny and fun times to be had in the future


Keep Global Chat PG / Don’t Give Out Locations In Global / Don't Stream Snipe
Do not give out locations of other players ( includes group members ).
No stream sniping.

No Griefing / Revenge Killing / KOSing / Player Targeting / Hacking
Includes using multiple accounts to hunt or harass.
No killing for sport.
Killing for sport is considered:

● Killing a player with no intention of eating the body
● Mass murder

No Spawn Killing / Do Not Kill Juvis On All Spawn Beaches
No spawn killing.
● Players cannot hunt / track or be hunted / tracked a player within 60 seconds of spawning.
● Juvenile dinosaurs are protected on all spawn beaches, a juvi that runs back to the beach does not have protection.
● 60 second timer applies to TPs, You cannot be hunted/tracked or hunt/track others during that timer.

Respect Pack Limits
Pack limits must be followed unless there is a self governing feature

No Interfering in Ongoing Hunts / No Combat Logging
No interfering in an active hunt ( includes Herbivores and Carnivores ).
No combat logging while hunting or being hunted.
Cannot log and then return to continue the fight.


Initiating a Hunt
A dinosaur can start a hunt by 3 calling, ambushing or attacking. 4 calling during a hunt does not mean the other party has to stop attacking you, regardless of who initiated.
Rule 1 of general combat/body rules

No combat logging. You may not log out mid hunt, or log out and then back in to re-join / continue the fight.

Stick With the Hunt / Don't Invade
You may not switch targets ( attack a different pack or dinosaur ) mid-hunt. You must 4 call first.
You can join a fight at any distance as long as you are packed with the party involved.

Body Down Means !! STOP !!
If there is a unclaimed body in the area where a carnivore wishes to hunt it can choose weather to claim it or to hunt for its own/fresh body.
Carnivores must cease combat if they drop a dinosaur or if their own pack member drops, and claim the body, they cannot hunt another creature or disregard their body.(herbivores must allow the carnivores to claim the body).

Challenging for Body Ownership
Players can challenge for a body by 3 calling. They must allow 10 seconds for the other player to respond with either a 3 or 4 call.
If the party 4 calls they must give their body up immediately.
If the contested 3 call it is to the death. If losing the contest try to escape the area,

4 calling during a contest does not mean the other party has to stop.

● You cannot re challenge the dino/pack that you just fought/hunted for the body that just dropped.

Finishing / Failing a Hunt
After a successful hunt or body challenge resulting in a body drop or 4 call, neither party may hunt / track the other party till the body is gone, you cannot camp the area to wait for the body to disappear!

● Just because you have lost visual sight of the other dinosaur when fleeing, it does not mean the hunt is over. Assume you are still being tracked unless a significant amount of time has passed since you were chased / attacked.


Don't Body Guard
Herbivores cannot guard bodies. If a body drops they must allow the carnivore to eat, and may not be aggressive ( even if the body is near their nest ),
Once the body is gone you can become aggressive for self defense.

Herbivores have the right to be Aggressive towards Carnivores​
If carnivores are within your area you are allowed to be aggressive towards it out of self defense it is your choice to chase it away or 3 call it or mock attacking.

If the carnivore continues to return in your area and or is provoking the herd you may attempt to kill it (Body down rule applies) or move areas


Defending Your Nest
It is your responsibility to defend your nest or lead carnivores away if you do not wish to die or let your hatching be eaten. Body down rule still applies.


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