Isle Nation Rules

Rules around Evrima Will be Subjected to regular Updates/Changes.



- Use Channels Appropriately
Any comment you make should belong to a certain topic. We have many channels devoted to such topics. To avoid unnecessary clutter, we ask that users post their content in the right corresponding channel. ( e.g. art must be posted in the art channel, anime must be posted in the off topic channel. ) If you are unsure, you’re always welcome to ask! Content posted in an incorrect channel may be subject to deletion

- Respect Staff and All Members
  We do not tolerate any form of verbal/text-based disrespect towards any members of this server, including the staff team. If you have issues with another user, we recommend coming to one of the members of staff privately to resolve things.

Do not Dm/ask staff members when the markets will be opened.
(they will be opened when an admin is able/available)

- Read Updates As They Come
We ask that people take the time to read updates on this Discord regarding the discord server and the In-Game server. We will keep announcements and updates in the #announcements channel.​


Any form of game/discord server advertisement without permission​
● The Isle Nation Will not tolerate any form of gem farming / exploits that includes banking them on alt(s) / friend(s) accounts. DO NOT beg any Members for Gems.
● Any form of verbal misconduct. This includes name calling, profanity, abuse and/or threats of any kind.

● Any form of content that is NSFW. Mentioning a sexually explicit material and/or details of bodily functions in an inappropriate manner is strictly against our rules.

Admins reserve the right to kick / ban anyone who they deem is acting inappropriately in the server or discord at any time.

This may include - but is not limited to,

● Failure to follow reasonable instructions in response to a rule break.

● Consistent breach of server / discord rules.

Admins always have the right to request a player to change their profile name/picture if they deem it inappropriate.


Isle Nation 

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