Brief Description
Fastest Survival dino in its Ambush, High Stamina, highest Jump and juvis can enter burrows great in coordinated packs. High Hunger Time however takes longer to take down large prey, easy to kill if not careful.

IsleNation Category's:
Survival Dinosaur
Dino type: Carnivore Land Dweller
Pack Limit: 15

IsleNation Gem Economy:
Dino Class: 3

Purchase Price: 40,000
Selling Price: 6,000

Health/Mass: 1200
Speed/Ambush: 43.2 km/h - 56 km/h
Total Sprint Duration: 5 mins
Bite Force: 200n
Base Bleed: 20
Smell Capable: ☑️

Nest Capable: ☑️
Total Grow Time:
2 hours
Time Per Stage:
20 mins
Juvi: 50 mins
Adult: 50 mins


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